Friday, February 19, 2010


I started work earlier this week on the thirty-one windows in our home that need to be restored.
After spending about ten minutes trying to remove one of the painted (?!?!) sash locks, this is what I found:

I know. Eww. And the worst part... all the rest of the windows are at least this bad, if not worse.

And speaking of eww, yesterday as I was cleaning out our guest bathroom I noticed that the disgusting, painted over (seriously, ?!?!) laminate that was lining the medicine cabinet was beginning to curl up something fierce. So I chose to take this opportunity to finally rip out this hideous and unfortunate diy from days gone by.
So I did!
In addition to all the gross dirt, roach poop (apparently there were some serious infestations before we lived here... God bless pest control), and dust bunnies... there was an old hair tie! Gross!! Sorry, no photo of that one. I cleaned it all up and got the eff out.
Anyone else make any unfortunate discoveries whilst setting up house?

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