Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Polyvore Fun!

Have you discovered polyvore yet? It's so fun!
Now that we have lovely grass in the front yard and our house looks less abandoned, I want for it to look sunny and happy and welcoming with lots of fragrant flowers and plants for the birds and butterflies.
I really love this image:

Dutch Door Paint Kit
via Remodelista

I decided awhile back that I would be painting our exterior with Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain, which is like the perfect charcoal, and several hours later I finished with this:

I don't know why it's so small... the purpose of my post shouldn't be smaller than my inspiration photo but whatever, I don't know how to fix it.

What do you think?


  1. Si Senor! muy perfecto!

    When can we go shopping for appealing butterfly plants?...I think we need an outing! I also at some point this year want to visit...oh and by year i mean within the next 11 days, or whenever the big bursts of wildflowers will be subsiding..Spring is too short, I've decided.

    So are you, Eric, and Adelaide, and any other nerds out there *wink *wink interested in going to Wildseed Farms (7 mi outside Fredericksburg) or perhaps the Saurr-Beckmann Farm (a neat look inside an old working farm in between Fred. and Johnson City) There could be seriously cute photo ops of adelaide, pigs, and sheep.

    We could make a day of it! Plus get some great pictures of the great outdoors and this glorious weather. before i have to retreat until winter because of the heat.

  2. Oh! Oh! Yes please. That sounds like a wonderful day! We can pack a picnic lunch and take cameras and sunscreen!
    Can we go soon, like next week? Eric may or may not be interested, I will ask. If so we'll have to go on the weekend, if not we can go anytime!
    And I am always up for plant shopping!