Thursday, April 29, 2010

Before/After TV Stand

We've been looking casually for a new TV stand for awhile now. I wanted something to replace the black plastic/glass shelved thing that everyone seems to have owned at one time or another.
Then, when Adelaide got mobile and was drawn to the Xbox like a moth to a flame; then we really had to do something.
By the way:
Why is it that of all the mid-century crap that floats around ebay and craigslist, you type in "credenza" or "sideboard" and suddenly everything is automatically several hundred dollars? What is that?
And why are all the decent looking and baby-proofable pieces are also at least four or five hundred? (at least all the ones I liked!)
It's a conspiracy I swear. The only place that has decent things at reasonable prices seems to be IKEA and I hate to rely on IKEA so heavily.
So, Eric and I found this little guy at one of the little antique-y stores around here:

It was too tall, wobbly, and kind of dingy and gross, but not bad at all for < $100. So we took it and two afternoons later, this is what we're left with:

Not bad right? So we can keep things in the bottom that A. can play with, and electronics can stay in the top part. I'm pleased with it. I'm not crazy about the chalkboard doors, I wanted to cover them in a fun fabric like one of these:




all via spoonflower: here, here, and here

But, Eric likes the chalkboard so whatever. It's growing on me I guess.
What do you think?

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